Aircraft lables and "Use it" access

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Aircraft lables and "Use it" access

Postby flyyyer » 23 Aug 2022, 13:57

Hi Petr,
Thanks for all your continued updates.
Is it possible to have an option for both Call sign and Altitude to be displayed on the other aircraft traffic (it is either/or at present) It could be alternately displayed if that is the way you would want to do it.

I use PilotAware and/or Skyecho to feed GPS and traffic to my various tablets. Occasionally I might get a failure (battery/overheat/whatever) of the device that is feeding FIF with data, what happens then is that you lose complete functioning and navigation info of FIF. To recover from this situation you need to either get the feeding device back up and running OR navigate though the menus to turn off "Use it" Is it possible to have an option in the screen customising to have a button to select "Use it" or not to use it..... (I.e. a quick access button. If the feeding unit fails when you are busy or in turbulence it can be quite tricky (sometimes impossible) to recover the navigation supplied from FIF.

Peter G
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Re: Aircraft lables and "Use it" access

Postby Peuqui » 02 May 2023, 09:59

I second this!
Despite that, I noticed two crashes of the entire tablet (Lenovo Tab M8, Android 10) during flight, which I had to recover. And I had to reinitiate the connection to the WiFi-Direct connected Stratux.
My backup device running in parallel (realme phone Android 13) never let me alone so far.

Kind regards,
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Re: Aircraft lables and "Use it" access

Postby kitercuda » 02 May 2023, 18:23

Hi, Peter,

I'm planning to reformat the display of the surrounding aircraft. There will be more options for what data to display.
Good idea to have a quick option to turn off the external data source
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Re: Aircraft lables and "Use it" access

Postby Peuqui » 06 May 2023, 13:58

For better differentiation, Foreflight displays just a hollow triangle with a line pointing in flight direction and attached to it the height above or under my position.

And for bearingless aircraft data (no ADSB data), there should be a drawn circle instead of a ring of aircraft symbols. Stratux provides a method of sending estimated postion data of aircrafts without distinct postition (e.g. only Mode S) transmission.
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