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Adding extra time to leg in route planning

PostPosted: 20 Feb 2022, 10:37
by flyc
Is it possible to make an addition to route planning where you could define a waypoint within a route to have a selectable duration. I'm flying helicopters and at times we fly routes where we have to do some airwork at a certain point for a certain time. So when planning the route how it's currently set up I can't insert this airwork duration and the planned time enroute doesn't take this into account.
For example the planned route would look like this: Departure airport-way point 1-way point 2-add 10 minutes airwork at point-waypoint 3- Destination airport. I think an added option to the menu when you long press a point to add to route to choose weather this point is a waypoint in route or a waypoint where certain work is performed?

Other than that this I love the APP, it gets used daily in my flights. Thank you. :D