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Logbook improvement proposals

Postby RogerF » 14 Aug 2019, 17:54

Hi Petr,

I appreciate the FIF logbook; there are brillant ideas there, like the identification of the ADEP and ADES, the T-off/Ldg time display, the landing count,... Good job!

Here are a few suggestions to make it even better 8-) :

1- Initially sort the flights list in decreasing order to show the last flights first when displaying the list; this would avoid having to always scroll down to the end to find the last flight when trying to view or export it after landing.

2- Another possibility could be to allow for only specifying an "until" date in the filter; currently the "until" filter only works if a "from" date is also specified.

3- Highlight the current date in the calendar displayed when specifying a "from" or "until" date.

4- Propose all formats (GIL, CSV, KML, GPX) when exporting the "tapped row"; this would save two clicks when exporting in GPX format (otherwise, KML is always proposed as a default in the next menu).

5- Propose a default filename when exporting a track; for example: yyyy-mm-dd_hhmm_rrrrr_dddd_aaaa.ttt
- yyyy-mm-dd = date of the start of the flight
- hhmm = take-off time
- rrrrr = aircraft registration
- dddd = aerodrome of departure (omit the "_dddd" item if none detected)
- aaaa = aerodrome of arrival (omit the "_aaaa" item if none detected)
- ttt = export type (gil, csv, kml, gpx)

6 - The availability of a default filename would allow to enhance the "Export whole list" in the logbook menu, by adding the option to "Export all tracks" in separate files when exporting a list of flights.
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