VHF Frequency Instrument

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VHF Frequency Instrument

Postby kabong.steve » 23 Jul 2019, 04:49

It would be really useful if you could show an Airspace VHF Frequency in one of the instrument indicators.

Flying across multiple airs with changing ACC freqencies, it would be handy to know when these change, or know what the current one should be.

A bonus of the indicator flashing or otherwise highlighting the fact it had changed would also be great.

Another useful one would be the UNI or CTAF VHF of the next (Airport) WPT on the current route.

for me, this would become visible or flash 10nm from the waypoint and disappear 10nm after...

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Re: VHF Frequency Instrument

Postby RogerF » 08 Oct 2019, 09:38

As FIF user, I have some comments on this suggestion:
- If you need an indicator for the VHF frequency/channel, you also need to know who is in charge (eg. Liège Approach) and this is hard to put in a single button.
- There are often more than one frequency, especially for airport CTRs or TMA.
- The ATC to call may depend on the activation status (eg military CTR active or not).
- Try a long press on the map (close to the small aircraft), but NOT in the center of the screen and click on Nearest > Nearest Airspaces and you will see the list.
- Last but not least, you usually have to call a service before entering the zone, not when you are already inside.

However, there is good news:
In the FIF preferences > Warning and Info dialog box > Airspaces, you can enable a warning, based on Time to enter, Vertical Distance and even an Airspaces filter to select the types.
In the warning, you get the definition of the airspace as well as the VHF frequencies ans corresponding ATC services related to this airspace.
I think that this is much better than a single value display.
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