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Re: Route in Excel for Logbook

PostPosted: 16 Apr 2017, 16:06
by kitercuda
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Re: Route in Excel for Logbook

PostPosted: 29 Nov 2018, 17:54
Dear kitercuda,

I am trying to customize .xls Navigation Log and following your instructions in manual.

Everything goes well but when I export routes in "FIF_compact.xls" form I cant get coordinates in "raw_data" sheet in MGRS format.
MGRS format of coordinates is selected in App settings / Preferences / Units select / Geographical coordinate unit / MGRS 10 digit grid and used without problems in Fly is Fun application on android device.

In "raw_data" sheet in section with Units and its formats it stands Coordinates 34UBA 93921 67312

And down where at route details are "Decimal latitude" & "Decimal longitude" columns with D.DDDDD formats and "Latitude" & "Longitude" columns with 34UBA 93921 67312 format. But regardless all the coordinates in all those rows are in D.DDDDD format.

How can I get MGRS format in "Latitude" & "Longitude" columns? I believe it has to be possible.
Also, is it possible to get that data in DDD:MM:SS.SS and MGRS formats in the "raw_data" sheet simultaneously?

Additional question, in "raw_data" sheet all times in EET columns are in hh:mm format, is it possible to get it in hh:mm:ss format ?

Thank You in advance,
Best regards!

Re: Route in Excel for Logbook

PostPosted: 10 Feb 2019, 18:59
by kitercuda
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