Edition of a route when already active

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Edition of a route when already active

Postby RogerF » 26 Dec 2019, 11:44

When a route is active, its edition is no longer possible; the "edit" button is actually used to display the route details and possibly jump to the next or previous point. Real edition is not possible, and deactivation + return to the route for edition is a bit cumbersome because deactivation of the route exits the route menu and you have to get there and reselect the route again.

Would it be possible to differentiate as follows:
- Stop and EDIT = deactivate and edit the active route
- Show DETAILS = show the details of the active route (=like EDIT of an active route is doing currently)

I also noted that when a route is active, the button "Show at the map centre" is greyed out.
Would it be possible to allow this function, even if the GPS is active?
It would simply have the same effect as a manual (finger) map panning.
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Re: Edition of a route when already active

Postby kitercuda » 03 Mar 2020, 17:55

I know, some users wants it :-)
I am now playing with TAFs. I will think of at in the basckgroud to implment it in the real time...
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Re: Edition of a route when already active

Postby Michele bassetti » 02 May 2022, 14:42

Hello, on my wish list also. Something like long press on a point, have the opportunity to add to active route like in route editing mode.
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