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Postby turillo1986 » 13 Jun 2019, 09:33

RogerF wrote:This would indeed be a nice feature, but not so easy to implement due to the terrain analysis.
I had it in a previous application on WM6.1

Advice: manually input a rather conservative value of the aircraft glide ratio to make provision for vertical currents and wind.

lk8000 application used in gliding (the one i use) has this feature and works really well, if you have a mountain between you and the closest airport it shows that you can't overfly it, i don't think it's an easy thing but not too complicated as well as you put in realtionship the height AGL, the direction, the glide ration and if implemented in the future, the wind, but that's for the future :)

Indeed, in the configuration of your aircraft where you store all parameters is where we should be able to put the glide ratio efficiency (meters done horizontaly : 1 meter descent vertically) and i agree that the pilot should put a very conservative value, normally in the range of 30% less than the declared value from the manufacturer.
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