traffic receiver pilot aware "rosetta"

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traffic receiver pilot aware "rosetta"

Postby turillo1986 » 06 Feb 2019, 13:37

Hi Everyone,
i've just discovered this interesting traffic receiver that shows the traffic close to you, trasmitting with a transponder either mode C or S and of course ADSB out.
I think it's a real news for us here in Europe and plus it isn't very expensive.

I see that it is compatible with pratically every flight planning software but not with Fly is fun :(
it is compatible with

I therefore believe that they are open to collaborate also with FIF. It would be amazing to have them on the map, or maybe with a dedicated page showing the radar image.
any chanche we see this happening?

this is the product:
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Re: traffic receiver pilot aware "rosetta"

Postby turillo1986 » 01 Apr 2019, 15:27

wondering if the message has been seen and something can be done with it, it's such a great product, i invite everyone to try it. Now i have flown roughly 30 hours with it and it told me so many info on the near traffic, wish it was implemented on the FIF map, not obliging me to use my phone as a radar screen.

again, if I can help somehow, more than happy to do so, FIF has to be an active community, not a passive one relying only on Petr efforts (which are already amazing!).
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Re: traffic receiver pilot aware "rosetta"

Postby Tonio » 02 Apr 2019, 05:55

Hi Turillo

Petr told me once that he was expecting implanting an interface between ADSB receiver (ADSB-In) and FIF
but at this time it wasn't a top prioprity, as only few general aviation air planes have ABSB-Out

Few years ago, UK decided to encourage wide ADSB-Out adoption / installation, allowing connection of uncertified GPS to transponder for Ultralight and Experimental aircraft

Recently EASA did an interesting announcement ... stallation
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