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Version 29

Postby kitercuda » 18 May 2021, 08:10

Version 29.33
- At some devices with Android version 11 was impossible to open PDF files.
- Updated Russian version. Thanks to Den

Version 29.32
- Removed bug: When the data was placed at internal memory, it was impossible to upgrade the navigation database.

Version 29.31
- Update Russian version. Thanks to Alex.

Version 29.30
- Data is moved to Android directory, because from November it must be - new Android rule.
- Updated Czech, German, Polish, French, Italian, Slovenian and Spanish version. Thanks to Antoine, Juergen, Krzystof, Marco, Jernej an Rolando.

Version 29.20
- LOG value box keeps last recorded time. You will not need to open Logbook to see the flying time.
- Removed bug: The application sometimes crashed when the Search button was pressed in the nav database list.

Version 29.10
- Importing the world nav database: Now it is possible to select the previous AIRAC cycles.

Version 29.01
- Improved METAR history charts (colors and added units)
- Possible quick switch-on/off displaying terrain at the map screen. Long tap AGL value window. You can still do it by long pressing the compass rose and checking "Shows terrain".

Version 29.00
- Added METAR history chart. You can see how the weather developing at the chart. You can switch among the displayed values by swiping from left to right and vice versa. Open METARS, click at any one and select History.
- Removed bug: At some devices application did not show the last METARs and TAFs
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