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Postby kitercuda » 18 May 2021, 08:09

Version 28.70
- Flight log XLS file contains RWYs at the airport WPTs (only raw data). Anyway you can create your own flight log template...
- When you tap the airspace, you can press the airspace name. This quickly opens the airspace list with selected airspace at the top.
- You can tag the airspace pattern. Tap a pattern and press the Tag button
- Removed bug: Manual GPS altitude correction was impossible to set.

Version 28.61
- Czech and Italian VFR report points are displayed at FPL ROUTE like a name not like a coordinates.
- Aircraft definition - ELBA was renamed to ELT.

Version 28.60
- Weight nd Balance - possible to add negative lever value.
- When you define your aircraft, you can also define minimum RWY length.
- You can search the nearest APTs and RWYs with defined minimum RWY length. Thera are two ways how to do it:
1. Menu/Nearest/Nearest with options
2. Open Nav database and long press the Nearest button.
If your active aircraft has defined minimum RWY length, this value will be automatically filled.

Version 28.52
- Internal airspaces changes

Version 28.51
- Updated Russian and Spanish version. Thanks to Ден and Rolando.
- Removed some bug. Application at some crashed after launch.

Version 28.32
- METAR/TAF data server changed data structure so we implemented it.

Version 28.30
- Refactored subscriptions. You can easy mage it. Preferences / General settings / Google play subscription
- Updated Czech, German, French, Italian, Polish and Slovenian version. Thanks to Antoine, Juergen, Marco, Krzystof and Jernej.

Version 28.20
- Route export - added Garmin FPL format
- Removed bug: Some airports did not import when upgrading the world nav database

Version 28.11
- CRS line has triangle arrows. Inbound CRS part has yellow arrows, outbound one has orange arrows. You can switch it off at Screen customize, CRS color.
- If you tap map by two figers, info dialog box is displayed below vertical cut.
- Support for GDL90 GPS position - Menu / App settings / Preferences, External sources / WiFi / GDL90
- removed some bugs

Version 28.10
- GDL90 support. You can connect devices like Pilot Aware, Stratux to FIF.

Version 28.01
- Updated Czech, French, German, Italian, Polish, Slovenian and Spanish version. Thanks to Antoine, Juergen, Marco, Krzystof, Jernej and Rolando.
- Removed bug: Logbook edit and click on date/time from/to.

Version 28.00
- Refactored Aircraft
- Aircraft contains Weight and Balance (Menu / Information / Aircraft or open routes and press Aircraft button or...). Edit aircraft or add new one. At the bottom buttons you will see W & B.
- A lot of small improvements
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