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Postby kitercuda » 18 May 2021, 08:08

Version 27.31
- Aircraft edit: new engine type: piston diesel
- Flight plan: If filled endurance is longer, then max aircraft possible endurance. it is red.
- Updated Spanish version. Thanks to Rolando.

Version 27.30
- Internal changes required by Google
- Route list: If the wind is defined for at least one leg of the route, the route row shows wind icon.
- Route edit: possible export Flight log (Menu, Share flight log). If the route has filled departure date / time, FIF fills ETA at route flight log (raw data).
- Updated Czech, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian and Slovenian version. Thanks to Antoine, Juergen, Marco, Krzystof, Alex and Jernej.
- Removed bug: When route does not have selected aircraft, application did not fill active (default) aircraft.
- Removed bug: if METAR did not contain WX, it always displayed +SHRASNPL.

Version 27.20
- When planning the route, you can select the aircraft and departure time. Application shows for each route WPT: ETA, heading, ground speed, SR/SS calculated from departure time.
- Active route: refactored WPT displaying. What is calculated during the flight it is displayed bold.
- Nearest APT RAD/DME at route's WPT or at Position info window avoid heliports, water, UL airports and glider airports
- Possible to set new wind during the flight to the active route (Menu/set wind).
- Possible to display new values at the main screen - FUEL (required fuel to NAV1 and required fuel to the end of route.
- Route summary refactored.
- Possible to hide decoded METAR data at METAR list (Menu/Other settings/Hide decoded data).
- Logbook row edit has new dialogs for date/time input

Version 27.00
- Optimized all main screens for screen aspect ratio 4:3, 10:6, 16:9 and long screens.
- Route edit design was a little bit changed.
- Possible displaying sunrise and sunset for last WPT of active route. If route is not active, sunrise or sunset is calculated to the naxt WPT (NAV1). Customize screen and select SS - End of route SS...
- Updated Slovenian and Spanish version. Thanks to Jernej and Rolando.
- A lot of small improvements
- Removed some bugs
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