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Version 24

PostPosted: 14 Aug 2019, 13:50
by kitercuda
Version 24.20
- Refactored creating nav database, added a lot of airports, runways and updated frequncies. Please update the nav database.
- Added button Source at Screen Customize / Rainfall radar. You can see the coverage of radars.
- Added possibility Direct to NAV1 and NAV2 by entering latitude and longitude - Menu/Navigate/Direct to (Coordinates).
- Updated French, Italian, Russian and Spanish version. Thanks to Antoine, Marco, Alex and Rolando

Version 24.10
- Internal changes for nav database import (airspaces)
- Updated German airspaces, thanks to Juergen
- Created cache for rainfall radar (much less internet downloading)
- Updated Czech, German and Poland version. Thanks to Juergen and Krzystof

Version 24.02
- Removed bug - app crash at screen customizing launch

Version 24.00
- Displayed rainfall radar. If you want to switch-on it, custoimize map screen (long press the compass rose) and enable it. Coverage map:
- Updated Russian version, thanks to Alex.