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Versions 22

Postby kitercuda » 09 May 2019, 17:06

Version 22.70
- Possible edit holding patterns (You can import IFR holding patterns when importing the world nav database)
- Easy creating holding patterns - Long tap map and then select Holding Pattern
- Updated Czech, French, German, Polish, Russian and Spanish version. Many thanks to Antoine, Juergen, Krzystof, Alex and Rolando.
- Removed crash? When long tap compass rose at Notepad screen.
- Removed bug: Exporting track from Logbook (KML format). Time was local, not Zulu time.

Version 22.60
- new 5th screen - Notepad (You can hide it in Preferences / Screen settings / Show/Hide screens]

Version 22.52
- Added notes to FPL. The notes is displayed at FPL list.
- Minor improvements

Version 22.51
- Added TRN (Turn angle to WPT) value window.
- Removed bug: Terrain map sometimes did not display terrain for 1 second.

Version 22.50
- Support for MBTiles map. Simple copy your xxx.mbtiles to .../Maps/MBTiles folder at your Android device.
- Updated Spanish version. Thanks to Rolando.

Version 22.40
- Possible permanently highlight (tag) the airspace. Tap at the airspace and press Tag button or open airspace list and do the same. If you want to remove all airspace tags, open airspace list, press menu and then Remove all tags.
- Updated German and Spanish version. Thanks to Juergen and Rolando

Version 22.31
- Minor improvments
- Updated Czech, French, Italian, Polish and Russia version. Thanks to Antoine, Marco, Krzystof and Alex.

Version 22.30
- Vertical view (Map and terrain screen) can have different scale X and Y. Customize screen and find "Max displayed height" for settings.
- Updated English an French user guide, thanks to Antoine.

Version 22.22
- Possible select 1 or 2 value columns at map screnn - landscape mode
- Removed bug - some airports patterns did not show VHF
- Removed bug - Nav database searching in landscape mode crash

Version 22.21
- Possible select 2, 3 or 4 values row at map screen - portrait mode

Version 22.20
- Added GPS based FL value. FL is derived from GPS altitude and QNH. It is necessary to set correct, real QNH (not QNE - 1013 hPa)!!!
- Better sorting when searching some text at nav database
- some minor improovments
- Removed bug, some RWYs did not have surface specification. Please import nav database again.

Version 22.10
- Added AHRS (artificial horont), slip and load factor support for Stratux.

Version 22.00
- Stratux support. If you want to connect Stratux, you must enable it in Preferences and set Stratux Wifi.
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