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Version 30

Postby kitercuda » 28 Mar 2022, 18:49

Version 30.04
- Removed bug - application did not work at new Samsung Galaxy S22

Version 30.03
- Removed bugs - crash at some Lenovo devices when importing nav database

Version 30.02
- Removed bug: At Android 11 was not the unlocker visible.
- Removed bud: At some devices crash when route editing
- Back up your data to Google drive. Menu / App settings / Preferences - Data management
- ICAO NOTAM server API was changed. Now downloading NOTAMs work again.
- If you use Android 11 or higher, your data must be located in Android/Data/gps.ils.vor.glasscockpit/files. Sorry for it. It is Google restriction.
- Updated Czech, German, Polish, French, Italian, Slovenian and Spanish version. Thanks to Juergen, Krzystof, Antoine, Marco, Jernej an Rolando.
- A lot of small improvements
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