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Version 26

Postby kitercuda » 10 Feb 2020, 05:21

Version 26.20
- Added possibility for sorting METARs by distance or ICAO code. Look at the METAR optons menu.
- Added 4 color scheme for visibility and cloud ceiling (FAA, GAFOR, NATO, ORBIFLY). Look at METAR optons menu.
- Updated Polish and Czech version. Thanks to Krzystof

Version 26.11
- Decoded Wind shear, Turbulence, Icing (TAF)
- Removing some bugs

Version 26.10
- Displayed decoded TAF (Tap at the METAR at METAR list)
- Added menu for METAR list and TAF window.
- Possible use UTC or LT for METARs and TAFs decoded data

Version 26.00
- Totaly refactored METAR internal engine to SQL based one. It is prepared for displaying METARs at the map.
- For NOTAM history tap the NOTAM at NOTAM list
- Some icons are refactored
- Added option for route METAR download: Do not download FIR NOTAMs
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