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Version 25

Postby kitercuda » 27 Dec 2019, 19:10

Version 25.20
- NOTAMs are accessible from Route List, Route Edit and active route.

Version 25.10
- Refactored info window (tap database object at the map). Added buttons NOTAM, METAR.
- Updated Czech, French, German, Italian, Poland and Spanish version. Thanks to Antoine, Juergen, Marco Krzystof and Rolando

Version 25.01
- NOTAMs implemented (only the first part, I am still working on it).
- First you must inser NOTAM API key at the Preferences. Open Preferences (Menu/App settings/Preferences), find NOTAMs / Get API key.
- Open Nav item list, long press for desired airport and select NOTAM.
- Notams for route, distance range and map will follow soon.
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