Configure the application using the file

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Configure the application using the file

Postby kitercuda » 01 Oct 2023, 13:53

The application can also be configured using a file called The file is attached in this post (unzip it).
Copy file to .../Android/data/gps.ils.vor.glasscockpit/files\Database. You can do it only when you connect your device to PC!

For now, you can set the size of some windows in the Map screen and whether the LOG touch message is enabled.
You can set it separately for Portrait or Landscape mode.

File structure:
DisplayLogTapWarn=0 // Can be 0 (do not show) or 1 (show)
MapScreen_PortraitTwoValueWindowsSize=110 // percent
MapScreen_LandscapeTwoValueWindowsSize=130 // percent
MapScreen_PortraitTrkSize=130 // percent
MapScreen_LandscapeTrkSize=130 // percent
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