Import WPTs from text file

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Import WPTs from text file

Postby kitercuda » 01 Mar 2013, 16:36

How to preprare file?

1. Have a look at attached file. File has to have suffix .wpt
2. Every line is one WPT. Each WPT consists from several Information separated by semicolon - ;
3. WPT line: longitude;latitude;name;notes;type;ICAO;VFRxIFR
4. longitude;latitude;name are compulsory. The rest are not compulsory. If not exists, will be filled by default values.
5. Coordinates can be:
- DDD.DDDDD where D indicates degrees.
- DDD:MM.MMMMM where D indicates degrees and M indicates minutes
- DDD:MM:SS.SSSSS where D indicates degrees, M indicates minutes, and S indicates seconds
6. type can be VOR FIX NDB WPT TWPT or APT
7. VFRxIFR can be VFR IFR or NotSpecified

Default values:
notes - empty
type - WPT
ICAO - empty
VFRxIFR - Not specified

Importing: Open Nav item list, press Menu / Import...

If anybody create some interesting file, pleae upload it here:
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