PDFs for Austraila

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PDFs for Austraila

Postby kabong.steve » 18 Aug 2020, 08:26


I previously wrote some powershell scripts to download the PDF's for Australia.

I noticed the latest directories within FlyIsFun now contains both a PDF folder and a PDF_System folder.

Do i continue to use the PDF folder, or switch to the PDF_System folders?

Can i assist in getting the Australia PDFs added to the downloads you have available?

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Re: PDFs for Austraila

Postby Tonio » 25 Aug 2020, 22:57

Hi Steve

PDF_System folders is for pdf files that are provided by FIF server
PDF folders is for pdf files you are uploading

Problem is that until now, Petr didn't find a reliable centralized VAC source allowing automatic update for free
That for pdf files update via FIF system is questionable,
It depends of user providing Petr full VAC update for one country in the right format, then on the ability of pushing these files on FIF server, then ...
May be you should send him an email


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Re: PDFs for Austraila

Postby turillo1986 » 17 Sep 2020, 14:48

this is by far the best source of pree pdfs for most airport. it creates a remote accessed server, where all the data is stored. i'm sure there's a way to monthly have it updated in the app, although i'm no IT so i can't suggest how.


autorouter offers AIP documents for airports, often referred to as “plates”. These are taken daily out of Eurocontrol EAD’s PAMS library which is the official repository for all participating countries.

There are several uses of these documents within the autorouter platform:

When filing a flight plan, you can choose to receive applicable plates (departure, destination, first alternate, second alternate) via email.
You can access plates for specific airports using the Plates Browser.
The plate library can be accessed using the WebDAV protocol which allows third party applications to view, download and conveniently synchronize the documents.
Note: the complete PAMS library is over 7GB in size so please refrain from downloading data you do not need for your operations.

Accessing WebDAV through the browser
A simple browser interface to the webdav repository is provided at https://www.autorouter.aero/webdav. You can browse through the library and download individual documents. The difference to the plate browser is that’s organized hierarchically and that it’s file system oriented whereas the plates browser performs airport lookup and is documented oriented.

Setting up WebDAV on your device
You can unleash the full power of the WebDAV interface by using client software that can synchronize with WebDAV repositories and thereby make sure you have an up to date subset of the document library on your devices. There are many WebDAV clients to choose from. As long as they adhere to the standard, they should be able to access the autorouter AIP library. We have prepared instructions for a few popular clients.

WebDAV on Android with FolderSync
WebDAV on iOS with GoodReader
WebDAV on OS X
WebDAV on Windows
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