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Airspace database issues - EPRZ/EPRJ - Rzeszów - Jasionka

PostPosted: 09 Sep 2018, 21:17
by runway09
I have found the following issues in navigation database:

- VFR points: CHARLIE, DELT, INDIA are not not existing furthermore
- missing VFR pionts: update: 26 APR 2018
GOLF 49°59'02"N 022°24'05"E
JULIETT 50°17’56”N 022°21’23”E
OSCAR 50°18’36”N 021°44’12”E
QUEBEC 50°02’20”N 022°04’08”E
ROMEO 50°03’17”N 021°35’54”E
YANKEE 50°03’57”N 021°55’38”E

The same issues for EPRJ points.
Note: EPRZ and EPRJ are located at the same aerodrome.

AIP VFR POLAND PDF update - EPRZ 16 AUG 2018 ... i498sigd16


Re: Airspace database issues - EPRZ/EPRJ - Rzeszów - Jasionk

PostPosted: 05 Oct 2018, 04:07
by kitercuda
Thanks, next database upgrade...