Belgium data issues

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Belgium data issues

Postby RogerF » 31 May 2018, 21:20

New FIF users, I had like to know where the data is coming from:
- EUROCONTROL EAD (collection of national AIPs)?
- Open sources?
- Other?

Is FIF data following the regular AIRAC cycle?

I am getting concerned as I quickly spotted several issues simply checking the data around my favourite airfield (EBTX):

1) EBTX runways are duplicated.... with different data.
According to the Brussels FIR AIP, there are 2 runways: Rwy 06/24, 738m x 22m, grass
FIF erroneously reports 4 runways, with inaccurate data:
- RWY 06 728m, size 727.9m x 14.9m
- RWY 06 737m grass, size 737.3m x 21.9m
- RWY 24 729m, size 729.1m x 14.9m
- RWY 24 737m grass, size 737.3m x 21.9m

2) For EBZW, there is no runway in the FIF database nor on the map, while there are actually 4 runways (cf. AIP):
- 03L 034° 799 x 23 ASPH
- 21R 214° 799 x 23 ASPH
- 03R* 034° 655 x 18 GRASS
- 21L* 214° 655 x 18 GRASS

3) The "VERVIERS - THEUX" area protecting our gliders activity is missing in FIF, whereas the AIP says:
- "VERVIERS - THEUX: circle, 2 NM radius, centred on 503309N 0055118E. 3000 FT AMSL / GND Glider activity. Glider Towing."
Though, a similar area in Spa, protecting the paradrop activities is well shown in FIF.

4) On the map, FIF shows "RWY 04" without any airfield; opening the item shows that it is link to EBLI Lierneux, not defined in the AIP as it is no longer active.
EBLI is also not present in the FIF database, so the runways seem to be "leftover".

5) The EB-R02 area is defined officially as "A circle, 0.8 NM radius, centred on 500958N 0050620E." whereas the shape is rather a North-South oval in FIF.

6).... etc...
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Re: Belgium data issues

Postby Tonio » 07 Jun 2018, 21:37

Hello Roger

Data source
Currently most of data are coming from opensources or free contributors
If you know how to get Petr (FIF author and developer) having access to Eurocontrol data via API without spending a fortune, I’m sure he will appreciate a lot. It seem to be very difficult and very expensive...

1 - EBTX
RWY data
Probably my mistake
In the past those data were not generated using FIF sources, that for I created them using Google Earth and Petr implanted it in FIF

2 - EBZW
See enclosed for you

Have fun

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Re: Belgium data issues

Postby RogerF » 07 Jun 2018, 22:08

Thanks for the data.

For EAD, I am in contact with the FIF author.
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