PDF auto updated for most countries

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PDF auto updated for most countries

Postby turillo1986 » 19 Jan 2018, 11:21

Dear friend,

we have seen the great option to now download PDF files for airport plates together with navigation data.
The problem is that almost no country is included in the list, I can understand this as getting the different files is lot of work, but maybe i have the quick solution for it:


do you knwo this site and this option? it is a super tool used for IFR route calculator and plight plan filing, but in addition to this, it has ALL the pdfs of the different airport available.
With the simple guide i sent you can have on your pc all the plates, divided by country and by airport, i guess it will then be easy to put them on your server that sends the data to our devices no?

Is this somehting that can be done? We really miss this option since we are so close to it!

let us know :)
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Re: PDF auto updated for most countries

Postby kitercuda » 27 Jan 2018, 20:02

Thanks a lot. I am watching it. A lot of PDFs...
It can help.
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