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NOTAM data for import

Postby Dutchy » 18 Jun 2017, 08:49

For a few years now, I’m using Fly Is Fun. The app does exactly, what I need. Many thanks for that to the developers!
The only thing missing is notam info and related alerts as I don’t want to fly somewhere I shouldn’t.
After following a steep learning curve :geek: I managed to convert notam info in pdf format to FiF-import format.
The results are only focussing on “nav warnings” and certainly not perfect but far beyond good enough for sharing with other users.
Unfortunately FiF doesn’t have a notam category in it’s airspace database available. But a few releases ago a "golf area" class was introduced. To me golf areas are not really that relevant for safe flying so the "golf" category is alternatively used for displaying notam.
Busy creating a notam data set for FiF it was a small step to also create a (kml/kmz) data set for Google Earth for planning a flight on a desktop. Via the above link you will find both data sets for Germany and the Benelux. Someday other countries might follow.
The FiF-import files (valid for only one day, as notam info has very often a short life, but refreshed daily) contain notam areas as well as standard airspace. Standard airspace covers permanent airspace and depending on the day of the week airspace active on (any day or all days from) Monday to Friday or Saturday and(or) Sunday. Airspace “activated by notam” won’t show unless a notam is issued for that day for that airspace.
The import files cover EB, EH and ED. Deleting these directories from your airspace database and after that, importing the downloaded file for the chosen day, notam areas will show as "golf area" in FiF. The next day again delete EB, EH and ED and import the file for that day.
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