TMA Baires and tons of tiny aerodromes.

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TMA Baires and tons of tiny aerodromes.

Postby Edu237 » 08 May 2017, 04:02

As a pilot living and flying in the vicinity of the city of Buenos Aires, I can't help but notice a slight issue with the class C airspace of the local TMA.

TMA Baires is displayed at its widest form, a 55 DME arc around EZE, with a floor of 2500 ft and layers at FL045, FL145 and FL195. However, in reality the lowest limit of 2500 ft has a different shape, marked by 25 NM DME arcs from ENO, EZE and PAL.

I am not handy with OpenAir, so I am providing a chart with all the airspaces of and under the TMA.

This should also help fix the ATZs of SADM (Morón), SADP (Palomar) and SADZ (Matanza/San Justo) - PDF chart of TMA Baires and underlying ATZs. - PDF chart of TMA Cordoba and underlying ATZs. - PDF document from AIP describing every airspce in Argentina. TMA Baires is on page 9.

I would also like to point out that has databases with every little aerodrome and helipad in Argentina and possibly many other countries. I'd suggest adding their database to FLY is FUN's. It seems very complete, save for a lack of Argentina's airspaces.

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