Airfields and airports in Poland

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Airfields and airports in Poland

Postby Tadeusz_Cz » 06 Sep 2012, 08:20

Below I attach the zip file which includes data.txt and ILS Polska.kml files.

The "data.txt" file contains approaches to airports and airfields in Poland and in the close vicinity abroad.
You can copy this file directly to your device with GPS_ILS_VOR_GlassCockpit application (folder GPS_ILS_VOR). The creation of separate subfolder (eg. GPS_ILS-VOR\Poland) is recommended, because the file contains more than 800 approaches.

The ILS data are imported from the set of polish airports and airfields (also not registered), available on-line in Google Maps at the address: where descriptions (in polish) of these airports/airfields are available. Alternatively I attach "ILS Polska.kml" file, which enables to show this data in Google Earth.

Please remark, that the file data.txt is generated AUTOMATICALY, based on the actual dimensions of the runways, not on the real approach paths. They DO NOT comply the real obstacles that may occur. For safety reasons the descent angle is set to 6 degrees (not the standard 3 degrees) which corresponds to vertical speed 620 ft/min with 60 kt of the ground speed. The descent angle for every airfield can be changed within the application when you are sure that the approach path is really clear to land.

The threshold cross altitude is also generated automatically: 17 ft for runways shorter than 3300 ft, 33 ft for runways 3300-5000 ft and 50 ft for runways longer than 5000 ft.

In the file there are also included so called Highway Strips (“road runways” on public roads) which can be considered for landing in high emergency conditions only. They all include in their description the abbreviation DOL (polish: “Drogowy Odcinek Lotniskowy”).

All data are collected by pilots for pilots as a supplementary data and for any reason cannot be treated as a basic navigation data.

Any remarks please add to this post, send to my e-mail address ( or notify the administrators of the web pages which publish these airport/airfield data: or

Approach data in .txt file and .kml file for Google Earth
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