Stabbed in the back by Fly is Fun

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Stabbed in the back by Fly is Fun

Postby James Murphy » 04 May 2019, 02:01

For some of us that have been on board with the FLY is FUN for the very start, are now being stabbed in the back

We paid for Fly is FUN, we showed support, we advocated the application, showed it to everyone, help build the client base, we contributed to the forum with ideas and testing, we in effect partnered with it.

Some of use went out and provided support to others out there, with sharing Geo referenced maps, we struggled with the data down loads (which were open source data) and and were please when the downloads became easier with the inclusion of the new down load screens. When we signed on, we did not sign on with limitations of the application, and when the developer decided to change the charging method, he left full access to thous that had paid and supported him from the start!

So what now!

After over two years of asking for the data errors to be fixed surrounding Perth Australia, providing the errors and the fixes needed to be carried out it finally got done, but I now find out that Petr has now decided to stab all of us that have been there from the start.

We are now second class citizens, those of use that have the unlocker and shown that we have been there form the start have had functionality removed form us! we no longer have access to any down load data!

This is what I got "Petr Kouril
3 May 2019, 17:13 (16 hours ago)
Hello, If you have the unlocker, you can use application like before, but without data upgrade and without new features (for example we are finishon now ADS-B)."

So that actually means that we have now had our access removed, we had it! NOW WE DONT!

I can understand Petr wishing draw a line on all the loyal supporters that invested in him, but to remove existing "PAID" functionality is distressful and totally disloyal and I would have expected better.

Shame on you Petr, I would have expected better!

James Murphy
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Re: Stabbed in the back by Fly is Fun

Postby Tonio » 06 May 2019, 20:46

Hi James

Long long time ago, I was an iPad and Air Navigation Pro user.
Then moving to Android, seeking an application usable in France and in Africa, gave me the opportunity discovering FIF and its unique features.
At this time I was impressed by the application potential, designed by scientific pilot for scientific pilot: Sharp and accurate, no maps, no icon, very efficient, but horrified by the interface the first contact was quite tricky.

I don’t know, how much I pad at this time, probably less than US$ 20.-, less than 4 beers, or few minutes of flight, or 2 movies entries…

As you appreciating FIF, following the initiative of other FIF users, I stared spending hours
- Generating maps for many countries
- Writing user guide
- Drawing RWY of French ULM airfields
- Answering on the forum
- …
of course for free.

Waiting it was clear, once that once this model will reach its limit, that Petr that is alone will slowly focus on other subjects bringing more to his family…

Contrary to you, I think its fair seeing Petr Kouril evolving to yearly subscription.

Paying the subscription, I consider that, once a year, I offer Petr a Drink or a Burger. It’s reasonable and its may pleasure.

Best regards


PS : I have no share in Petr business and I make no money from it
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Re: Stabbed in the back by Fly is Fun

Postby James Murphy » 13 May 2019, 19:05


I have no issue with Petr turning it is to a subscription service.

What I have an issue is having spent weeks working on FiF, geo-referencing maps and sharing them, supporting the app and actively helping to make it better, I get locked out of the data. The real shitter is having been asking for two years for a database error to be corrected, providing the maps and coordinated and the bloody fix, Petr finally say I'v done it does it work, and I cant even check, now that is not funny.

No issue with any new feature being subscription, but you cannot take away what you have, that stinks!
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Re: Stabbed in the back by Fly is Fun

Postby kitercuda » 20 May 2019, 20:09

Hello James
This is navigation database thread. Please do not duplicate posts.
You already published it at Questions and answers.

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