SafeSky and FlyIsFun

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SafeSky and FlyIsFun

Postby RogerF » 05 May 2022, 14:22

SafeSky is an application designed to send the aircraft GPS position to its server (in 3G/4G) and show the surrounding traffic (obtained from various sources like ADS-B, FLARM,... and of course other SafeSky users).
This application can optionally send traffic information to other applications in GDL90 format (via UDP port 4000).
Today, I successfully coupled it (at home) using the name of my home WIFI as SSID in FIF to achieve the coupling.
FIF requires indeed to specify the name of the WIFI network associated with the "stratux" device.
Looking forward to find a way to achieve the coupling in flight while connected to 3G/4G rather than on a WIFI network.
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