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Faster refresh

Postby Michele bassetti » 02 May 2022, 15:00

Hello, is there a place to increase the refresh rate?
Fif is updating position and course about every second and the appearance is stuttering in particular during turns.
Thank you
Michele bassetti
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Re: Faster refresh

Postby SiC42 » 23 May 2022, 17:51

Hi, like to second this, may be connected. With wifi connection to SkyEcho 2 enabled last week all gps related fields in FIF moving map page were pulsing (refreshing) at one second intervals with occasional large divergence in gps alt for instance. In GDL90 preferences dialogue only 'Traffic' value is enabled for use (and 'Airborne'). Disconnect SkyEcho and all smooth again. Any ideas?
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