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Pressure sensor

Postby PaKo » 02 Aug 2021, 14:03

hi first of all sorry for my English...
I try find (July 2021) tablet around 8' witch sensor on board.
I can't - also is only couple 10' but they so big.
Only some phones have it but size is 6,6' so for normal use in air I think is not ok.
So maybe some one find tablet or very big phone witch sensor pressure?

I so also info from 2017/2018 about yours own external pressure sensor - did you made it?
If not I can do this... one how many users can buy it?

BTW - maybe at last Peter you decide for software for Apple? all divaces have it on board.
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Re: Pressure sensor

Postby django84 » 14 Aug 2021, 08:21

I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and it has all sensors you need. It is perfect but this phone is obsolete now.
Now I use a tablet, a Lenovo TB-8705X with a 8" screen. It's OK but no pressure sensor.
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