Strange behavior with imaged tablet

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Strange behavior with imaged tablet

Postby rotaxquax » 20 Apr 2020, 17:58

I have some strange behavior after imaging my tablet to another one( Same tablet typ T585 Samsung)
Of course does this tablet has another Serial number and it is said Version 26.81, unlimited, suscription!
I copied my GPS_ILS_VOR directory to the second tablet as well!!
At any time, when I do some adjustments and go back to the map page I get this disclaimer window showed...!
At any time when I agree the disclaimer question my map showes first some slowacia airfield, I guess kitercudas homebase?

This behavior is not on my "source" tablet!!
Any deinstallation and new installation showed the same effect!

Many thanks for your assistance.
Stay healthy!

best regards
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