Australian Airspaces not all showing up

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Australian Airspaces not all showing up

Postby kabong.steve » 23 Jul 2019, 04:21

I used a utility to view the SQLite3 gpsilsvor db to have a look at the airspaces.

Almost all the Australian ones have either YM or YB as the country codes, and thus don't show in the Airspaces / patterns window.
they all draw correctly on the moving map and show up.

Secondly, most of the class 1 thru 5 entries have identical code and res_string0 columns (either YMMM or YBBB), and thus you cannot assign or add VHF frequencies to the individual airspaces, as i would like to for the Class E area frequencies.

Hence why I was trying to import the openair format files, that included the area frequency boundaries with frequency
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