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PostPosted: 16 May 2019, 09:19
by Mikedyos

Will you also be adding the Attitude Indicator to FIF to work with the AHRS on Stratux?



Re: Stratux

PostPosted: 16 May 2019, 14:20
by Tonio
Hello Mike

Yes, since version 22.10 it is possible to connect Fly is Fun with the Stratux

- Airplane broadcasting ADSB out signal detected with the Stratux are displayed on the Moving map and on the elevation/terrain map
- Stratux AHRS module is used to and display in the compas of the 2 instrument screen as well as on the elevation/terrain map

photo_2019-05-16 15.09.42.jpeg
photo_2019-05-16 15.09.42.jpeg (141.63 KiB) Viewed 9799 times

Have Fun

Re: Stratux

PostPosted: 16 May 2019, 15:07
by Mikedyos

My question was regarding the pitch indicator.


Re: Stratux

PostPosted: 19 May 2019, 09:34
by Mikedyos
found it!

I have since purchased a Stratux. it appears to be very good. not flight tested it yet.

Re: Stratux

PostPosted: 20 May 2019, 19:21
by kitercuda

- The artificial horizont is displayed only when Stratux has GPS fix.
- You can calibrate AHRS by long pressing the slip indicator at the bottom of the screen.

Re: Stratux

PostPosted: 09 Jun 2019, 10:21
by Tonio
An updated version of the User Guide (English and French yet) is online.
You can find it there
or download it directly from FIF

The new chapter 18 of the updated, describe how to setup and use the Stratux
So simple

You can also down directly the guide using this links
English version
French version

Have fun