..suddenly I have to pay ?

Troubles with application

..suddenly I have to pay ?

Postby rotaxquax » 27 Apr 2019, 07:43

Hi all,
since yesterday I should pay for my application Fif, which I am using for many, many years.
Did you change the FIF philosophy or do I have some problems with my installed app?
Thank you for info.
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Re: ..suddenly I have to pay ?

Postby harpik1 » 29 Apr 2019, 09:44

same problem here, mb we can get some promo code ? Because before I update it was problem with connection, and after update it needs some promo code.
When i pucharsed it it was life time navigation. Now it need some extra money :(
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Re: ..suddenly I have to pay ?

Postby Tonio » 01 May 2019, 18:30

Yes, you are right, now we have to pay (I'm as you a user)

After some exchange with Petr Kouril, the developer, it appears that for years we enjoyed using Fly Is Fun, getting released and enhancements … for free, despite the fact that when we purchased the application we purchased it “as it was”, witgout commitment or obligation to get application enhancement, navigation database updates….

In 2017, Petr Kouril decided evolving to yearly subscription mode.
Subscription mode is implemented sinbce February or March 2018.
Doing it, he granted early adopters, as you and me, with a 12 month “grace period”. This grace period is now over.

If understood well, from now,
- To benefit of application enhancement as well as navigation database upgrade, all FIF users, including early adopters have to subscribe a yearly subscription
- Users that are not ready / willing to evolve to yearly subscription, could still use current FIF version, but won’t be able upgrading the navigation data base, which mean will use outdated data, which is not recommanded.

I thing its fear, and subscription cost is affordable, equivalent to only few beers
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Re: ..suddenly I have to pay ?

Postby marpdiaz » 02 May 2019, 23:57

We have had a nice and long "almost free" use of FiF versions and database updates, after paying a very modest purchase fee.

I guess now is the right time to evolve towards a self-sustained model, were the real world costs of providing large databases can be managed.

I was glad to see the up-to-date AIRAC content displayed in my last cross-country flight!

clear skies,

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