is this the end of FIF?

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is this the end of FIF?

Postby turillo1986 » 21 Jan 2019, 11:05

Regretfully i feel this is where we are headed.
Not a single update with any new feature has shown up in the last months, while the competition is coming out every other week with something new.
Most projects are there abbandoned: notam on map, flight plans, adsb, weather etc...
Airspaces are not updated even after we point the difference here out on the forum, just take a look at the 8.33 frequencies, not it has become impossible for me to fly around with FIF as it shows Always the wrong frequencies.

I am very sad for this as i am a big fan of the application and have been using it for many years now. We as users even accepted to pay a yearly Subscription instead of the one time only cost of the app, understanding the hard work behind, but now this not answering from the author is leaving us with no choice but to switch to other producers, even though more expensive, and most importantly without the Amazing core that FIF has and makes it unique.

what do you guys think about it? Am i the only one noticing this? I can understand that life gets in the way and it becomes difficult to give support to an app, but it's such a shame that such an Amazing project is left diying on is own. The community is here to help/support, if the project can't be kept alive from its creator, please ask for help!
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Re: is this the end of FIF?

Postby RogerF » 23 Jan 2019, 12:45

Dear "Turillo1986",

Actually, it is not true that "Not a single update with any new feature has shown up in the last months".
Just look at the "recent changes" in the application, where you find, in addition to bug fixes :
- v21.25:
- display of nearest airspaces VHF
- extension of the list of supported types for OpenAir import of airspaces
- v21.28 :
- FIF remembers the last choice for Nav database downloading
- v21.30:
- FIF remembers the last path used for export/import instead of having to re-specify every time (especially annoying if FIF was installed on the µSD)
- improvement of the landscape screen, with 8-12 values, improving the ergonomy (8 "big" values were eating big part of the screen
- v21.31:
- VHF display improvement to allow for 8.33 channels (3 digits after the decimal)
- v21.40:
- acceleration of the database update when installed on the µSD card; now temporary files are always created in internal memory.

Maybe it would be interesting to also publish changes on this forum so that everybody is aware.

On the other hand, I share your concern about the delay in the database updates, especially following the massive changes of VHF channels due to 8.33kHz spacing.

Recently, to help Petr, I have spontaneously contributed by sending him up to date data files for the Brussels FIR.
Now the airspace and VHF data now should be OK there and I am now working on circuit patterns, runways and other airport informations.

I am aware that a lot of effort is required to keep the data up to date.
Ideally, FIF should be fed from the European database to keep key data up to date, and Petr was looking for contracting EAD access.
Unfortunately, Eurocontrol has drastically increased the minimum contribution instead of keeping it proportional to the business.
As a result, several similar applications using EAD have closed the shop (e.g. Flight Assistant).
Not a good time for FIF to subscribe...

This is just a user's point of view; Petr will probably answer your message soon.
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Re: is this the end of FIF?

Postby kitercuda » 23 Jan 2019, 20:05

We are living in the real world, where we must pay for food, house, flying etc. I was developping FIF for several years 7 days a week. But FIF earns only a little money. My resources were gone, so I had to start working on another projects. This is why I have not so much time to develop FIF. I like FIF. So if my resources will OK, I will work on it everyday again.
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