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User Guide - Guide Utilisateur - Guida_Utente

Postby Tonio » 02 Jul 2018, 18:54

Just for info, the User Guide

-in English : User Guide
- in Italian : Guida_Utente
- in French : Guide Utilisateur

have been updated
Most recent version, dated 2018 06 30 on footprint include :
- "Route Summary" explanation : why values differ in planning mode and when route is active
- explanation of P / G / U letters and Green, Yellow and Red colors display in Nav database
- How to convert Mbtiles files into RMapSQlite maps

You can get them in "User guide and videos" section

Board index -> General information and download -> User guide and videos

or directly via this link

or from FIF Info page

Comments and suggestion are welcomed

Many thanks to Petr and Marco
and to RogerF for its explanation on Mbtiles conversion

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