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Postby RogerF » 24 Apr 2022, 06:21

"FiF says it'll accept the GPS input thru GDL90, and I'm wondering if this solves the issue of background GPS usage for FiF."

If this is the case, it should receive the traffic from SafeSky, as the latter uses GDL90 to share traffic information with the other Android applications.

Is GDL90 already implemented in FIF?
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Postby Michele bassetti » 02 May 2022, 14:46

I am using safe flight open aside of fif. Have it implemented on fif will be a great addition but it seems that data exchange is only available in payware version of safe flight.
I hope for the success of this app. Great additional situation awareness without the need of additional instruments. At VFR altitude data coverage is excellent even in mountain areas!
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