Split screen not possible

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Split screen not possible

Postby Peuqui » 11 Apr 2023, 17:36


the app isn't able to recover the correct screen size when tried to use in split screen.
Android 10 and 13 here in use.

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Re: Split screen not possible

Postby kitercuda » 03 May 2023, 12:17

FLY is FUN does not support screen splitting. I put in on my ToDo list.
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Re: Split screen not possible

Postby Michele bassetti » 12 Nov 2023, 12:09

Hello, on my wish list too. Should be very helpful to use with sake sky radar visualization.

50/50 works already fine, but if you want to set it to 75 /25 in order to have more room for fif, the representation is not adapted to the new setting.

turning the device vertically then back to horizontal sometimes fix this and the representation is correct, but not always.

Thank you
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