FLY is FUN with unlocker

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FLY is FUN with unlocker

Postby denilama » 13 Jun 2020, 15:56

Hi all,

It is said that we can use forever the old "FLY is FUN" (with the unlocker) without new features and data update.

Does anyone know why my old FIF no longer starts on my Samsung Note 4? It was working last summer but not anymore.

At this time, I don't need the new features and data update but I always appreciated this FIF application.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: FLY is FUN with unlocker

Postby vitanova » 26 Jul 2020, 07:23

Hallo, I had same problem. Now I use another navigation, but sometimes I want use FFF. After renew system on mobile is not found FFF unlocker on Google Play. I found it on my older phone backup and made recovery unlocker APP from this backup. Now is FFF working, but wihout new database. All older maps you can send by direct copy to mobile too. You can find your older data include maps in directory GPS_ILS_VOR....
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