airplane orientation in magnetic compass heading mode

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airplane orientation in magnetic compass heading mode

Postby marpdiaz » 12 Jan 2019, 12:59

Hi Petr,

I think I may have found a problem in the plane setting at moving map screen.

While in compass heading mode:

The airplane orientation over map fails for a (true) heading range between magnetic north and true north.

Plane orientations within this range are never shown. The plane (true heading) shown in the map just jumps to (true north - |var|) or (true north) for heading values in between.

The heading displayed in compass rose is always correct.

- moto-g 6 android 8.0.0.
- magnetometer values ok. compass calibrated and working fine in other apps.
- compass heading and accelerometer are enabled in FiF.
- occurs for map orientations (north up), (track up) and (course up).
- all screen magnifications are affected.
- occurs with or without background map selection.
- min GS for GPS track is set to 10kt.
- tested staticaly by turning the device.
- mag compass readings averaged by 100. (problem occurs independently of sensor average settings)
- current var here is -21 deg

let me know if you need any additional info.

cheers and happy flights in 2019!

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