Stabbed in the back by Fly is Fun

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Stabbed in the back by Fly is Fun

Postby James Murphy » 04 May 2019, 02:00

For some of us that have been on board with the FLY is FUN for the very start, are now being stabbed in the back

We paid for Fly is FUN, we showed support, we advocated the application, showed it to everyone, help build the client base, we contributed to the forum with ideas and testing, we in effect partnered with it.

Some of use went out and provided support to others out there, with sharing Geo referenced maps, we struggled with the data down loads (which were open source data) and and were please when the downloads became easier with the inclusion of the new down load screens. When we signed on, we did not sign on with limitations of the application, and when the developer decided to change the charging method, he left full access to thous that had paid and supported him from the start!

So what now!

After over two years of asking for the data errors to be fixed surrounding Perth Australia, providing the errors and the fixes needed to be carried out it finally got done, but I now find out that Petr has now decided to stab all of us that have been there from the start.

We are now second class citizens, those of use that have the unlocker and shown that we have been there form the start have had functionality removed form us! we no longer have access to any down load data!

This is what I got "Petr Kouril
3 May 2019, 17:13 (16 hours ago)
Hello, If you have the unlocker, you can use application like before, but without data upgrade and without new features (for example we are finishon now ADS-B)."

So that actually means that we have now had our access removed, we had it! NOW WE DONT!

I can understand Petr wishing draw a line on all the loyal supporters that invested in him, but to remove existing "PAID" functionality is distressful and totally disloyal and I would have expected better.

Shame on you Petr, I would have expected better!

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Re: Stabbed in the back by Fly is Fun

Postby vacaap » 12 May 2019, 17:02


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Re: Stabbed in the back by Fly is Fun

Postby hugosilverio » 14 May 2019, 12:41

I feel absolutely betrayed, I've tried to update my database today, and was prompted to pay $85,90. Petr forgot that we where there since the beginning, spreading the word of work, getting a lot of people to know this really awesome piece of software, and what did we get? a freaking machete to the back of our skulls.
I'm extremely pissed off right now, so I wont waste my time in here bashing in the forums, no, I want money to talk louder than me, people will talk, Reviews will talk, then finally Petr's pocket will talk.

I'll personally go to every single pilot I've brought in to FIF and tell what just happened.

Funny thing is that a REFUND for us who paid for the unlocker is out of question right?
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Re: Stabbed in the back by Fly is Fun

Postby Matic69 » 15 May 2019, 07:31

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Re: Stabbed in the back by Fly is Fun

Postby Tonio » 16 May 2019, 14:45


I'm surprise by the price you are mentioning is it US$ ?

For the yearly subscription fees I was charged less than US$ 30
cf screen copy
(127.85 KiB) Downloaded 170 times

To benefit of regular updates and take advantage of application evolution, to support the developper effort paying US$ less than 30 /year is very reasonable

I always thinks its few drinks

For info

Garmin Pilot
A standard one-year subscription to Garmin Pilot is $74.99 and the IFR Premium version costs $149.99 a year. ... -pilot-app

Renew your Subscription £74.17

Air Navigation Pro
France Standard € 99.99/an

VFR Standard USD 70.39/yr

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Re: Stabbed in the back by Fly is Fun

Postby kitercuda » 20 May 2019, 19:51

What do you want? Stop developing, stop data upgrading? Really?

You do not know, how many work is maintaining this software. First years we developed it 7 days a week, 18 hours a day - because we like this work.
We could develop another projects for oil companies, for bet companies - we can have this contracts. But if we take it - there is no time for FIF. We decided developing FIF, but we cannot work without some money. We do not live under the palm at the beach, we have families etc.

Hov much costs one flying hour with your plane. I think it is much more than one year subscription.

We do not need FIF for our living. We do this work, because we are pilots and we like developing FIF. We have a lot of possibilities to develop another projects (much better business).
Anyway I have my own industrial estates busines. I spend with it 10 times less time than deveoping FIF, but I earn there 10 times more than is my income from FIF. So question is: Is FIF wasting my time?

So if you do not want to support us - no problem. You can use FIF as before. But you will notbe able to use new features and new data.
If you have a look at our competitors, you will see the prices - several times more expensive. You can change the application.
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